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Longhurst Group


Midlands and East of England

Key contact:

Chief Executive Julie Doyle


Homes managed Homes to be built to 2022/23

Additional services

Our Care and Support facilities are available across the Midlands and East of England offering a range of support, care and accommodation, and sometimes even a combination of these.

Social return on investments

In 2016/17, we introduced a Group Social Value Strategy, looking at the type of project where there is the most need and that we canc reate most calue for, and establised a framework for defining expected costs, outputs and outcomes for social value projects. This will enable us to target resources at projects that provide the best value.

Why we joined PlaceShapers

At Longhurst Group our vision and values are at the heart of our business and were created by the colleagues that make up Longhurst Group, who help to deliver the great services we provide.

For us it’s all about having a shared vision of ‘Improving Lives’ and we live by this every day.

We joined PlaceShapers to work with like minded organisations, network and to influence at government level.

Star Builders

Coastline_Housing_Nansloe reduced size for homeCoastline_Housing_Nansloe reduced size for home

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