Magna's Modular Magic

10 January 2024

Homes, made locally and net zero ready, arrive by truck almost ready to live in - CEO Catherine Ryder blogs about a visit to Magna Housing.

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Collaborating, Communicating and Connecting

20 November 2023

Ground-breaking work to support communities - CEO Catherine Ryder blogs about what she learned through our Annual Conference.

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Breaking Barriers

9 November 2023

Breaking Barriers – Business Support Manager Charlotte Kay blogs about attending HDN's Autumn Conference.

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Peter Hubbard 3

Shaping the conversation

10 October 2023

Three key takeaways from our Chairs Network meeting with the RSH - Peter Hubbard, Managing Partner at Anthony Collins Solicitors, blogs.

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Meet the Regulator

12 September 2023

Informing the new Consumer Standard - CEO of Cornerstone Housing Tom Woodman blogs about a multi-member consultation with residents.

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How do you bring the reality of place-shaping closer to the rhetoric?

16 August 2023

Visits to members sum up what place-shaping organisations are all about and the challenges they face - CEO Catherine Ryder blogs about our new Strategic Plan.

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