Byker's Community

29 June 2023

Built on a long tradition of the community being at the heart of decisions - Board member Cath Purdy blogs about a Board meet held at Byker.

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Getting to know Preston CGA

24 April 2023

Why my day at Community Gateway Association summed up what place-shaping organisations are all about - PlaceShapers CEO Catherine Ryder blogs about our latest member visit.

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Carol Carter

Strengthen our focus on people

8 December 2022

Challenging times set to continue – we are only going to get through this together if we make a concerted effort to understand people’s circumstances and needs, and respond flexibly and with compassion and respect - Board member Carol Carter.

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Clare from Coastline NHF Summit

Living in the cost-of-living crisis

10 November 2022

"To all MPs, do you know what it is like to live on an extremely small budget?" - Coastline tenant Clare blogs ahead of November 17 budget.

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Steve Southwell

A fair budget

10 November 2022

We can look at data and budgets but it can’t go without saying that many Britons are simply not managing - Steve Southwell blogs around forthcoming budget.

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Matthew Walker crop

A day trip to Stoke

26 October 2022

Quite simply it’s inspirational to hear the impact services are having on Honeycomb customers lives - Matthew Walker blogs about a visit to Stoke.

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