Getting ready for new consumer regulations

Getting ready for new consumer regulations

25 November 2021

In October 2021 PlaceShapers brought the Regulator for Social Housing and over 100 tenants together over three events across the country.

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At the party conferences

14 October 2021

I had the chance to attend both Labour and Conservative conferences this year to see what is top of the political agenda and how it is going to impact the social housing sector.

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Will Allen

Diverse Voices: Young People

29 July 2021

Will Allen, Communications and Marketing Apprentice at Honeycomb Group blogs about the latest Diverse Voices session centred around young people.

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Fix The Digital Divide

1 July 2021

Joanna Charlton, communications lead for PlaceShapers, blogs about how even a tiny taste of digital exclusion is isolating

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