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Building homes and communities

Our 850,000 homes - with 152,000 more being built by 2027 - build strong communities

PlaceShapers are distinctive. Our network of more than 100 community-focused housing associations build more than homes; we shape communities and unite around shared values as a voice for change.

We’re PlaceShapers

Together our 100+ members:


850,000 homes for rent, shared ownership, supported housing or sale


House one in four people who live in a housing association home


Provide services to more than two million people


52,600 homes built in the last six years, and will build 88,000 more by 2022


Helped 60,000+ people into work since 2010


Re-invest 100% of our profits into our homes and communities

Star Builders

Autumn houseAutumn house

Autumn star builders
East Midlands members will have built 34,000 new homes by 2022. more...

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