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We Care, We Build, We Share

We’re PlaceShapers, the national network of community-based social housing providers.

All members sign up to these five principles:

  • Our residents and customers are at the heart of what we do and have genuine impact on our organisations.
  • We listen and provide more than just landlord services because we care about people and places.
  • We build homes that respond to the needs of the communities we serve. 
  • Working collaboratively and actively with our local authorities and other local partners enables us to improve and shape places at both a strategic and operational level. 
  • We are run by members, for members and are committed to a diverse, values-driven housing association sector.

We're a national network of more than 100 community-based social housing providers.


Manage 930,000 homes including rent, shared ownership and supported housing
House one in four people who live in a housing association home
Provide services to more than two million people
Will build more than 118,000 new homes by 2023
Helped 60,000+ people into work since 2010
Re-invest 100% of our profits into our homes and communities

We have three priority areas

We Care

Welfare reform & poverty: Contribute ongoing evidence of the impact of welfare reforms and poverty levels locally, sharing experiences  and effective practice for supporting customers. Contribute to work aimed at combating poverty including initiatives to improve the affordability of homes.
Supported housing: Continue to take a leading role in work to secure the future of supported housing and its future funding, evidencing the long-term benefits and value of such services.
Health & housing integration: Continue to promote members’ contribution to this agenda and the cost benefits, developing increased opportunities for partnerships between housing providers and the health and social care sector.

We Build

We support members to explore all opportunities to contribute new homes of all tenures, particularly where these contribute to wider community regeneration. Facilitate joint ventures or collaboration on new supply at a regional level where this may be beneficial. Publish research to confirm our contribution to new homes supply.

We Share

Policy development: Lobby and comment on policy proposals, evidencing our work through member feedback and driving longer-term change through collaboration. Focus on building new homes and economic regeneration, employment support, tackling poverty and homelessness, housing affordability and the integration of housing and health services including a secure future for supported housing.
Partnership engagement: Engage with stakeholders and partner organisations on key issues and policy options, share ideas and gain feedback on our activities and to facilitate joint working on common areas of interest.
Value for Money and efficiency: Provide performance data for members to support benchmarking and facilitate sharing of best practice. Research and disseminate analysis of efficiency gains and social return delivered collectively, including via the new “sector scorecard”. Undertake further research on financial benchmarking, exploring options for increasing capacity through partnerships and joint ventures.
Learning from others: Facilitate opportunities for members to share ideas and good practice both within the network and with others from whom we can learn.

Read our agreed vision.

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