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Local stories, national impact

PlaceShapers is the national network of community-focused housing associations. Our members work on a huge range of issues, and we focus where we can have greatest impact as a network, spotlighting the place-based nature of our work through six key project areas.

1. Home of social infrastructure

We play a unique role in places as community anchor organisations who work and invest in places for the long term, providing critical 'social infrastructure.'  We build and manage high quality, affordable homes to rent and to buy. We work in partnership with people and communities to create jobs. We provide community spaces and services and support local charities, community groups and local government. We are responding in partnership to the critical issues of our time, including Covid-19, rising poverty and inequality and the climate emergency.

We are working with Bright Blue Intelligence to engage ‘red wall’ MPs in our work. We're highlighting how we’re already contributing to their communities and looking to work with them to further strengthen this for the benefit of their constituents and communities.

Our policy briefing will be launched in 2021. If you’re a member who would like to contribute, please contact


2. No Place Left Behind Commission

All over the country amazing people and organisations work to make every community a great place to live. But too many of our neighbourhoods face real challenges to ensure everyone who lives there can prosper.

No Place Left Behind: The Commission into Community Placemaking and Prosperity was launched in 2020, chaired by Toby Lloyd, former Housing Adviser to Prime Minister Theresa May.

It is seeking to understand projects and initiatives that are successful in improving lives in under-valued neighbourhoods and to use the learning to develop national level policy and best practice recommendations.

PlaceShapers Director, Rachael Orr, Board member, Paul Fiddaman, and Gareth Swarbrick from RBH are among 15 Commissioners. They are feeding in ideas and insights from members and will work with members when the Commission is developing its policy work.

For more about PlaceShapers’ involvement please contact


3. Net carbon zero

Placeshapers are catalysts in the United Kingdom’s journey to be net carbon zero by 2050. We will play our part in ensuring that our homes and the communities in which we work are green and a fitting legacy for future generations.

We are looking at best practice among members; this means the infrastructure of buildings we own and build but it also how we work; our offices and vehicles.

We are uniquely placed to work with our residents as partners in the journey; how people live in homes is as much a determining factor in the carbon neutral journey as the bricks and mortar.

We are working in partnership with TPAS explores on how we build and maintain homes and engage residents on the UK’s journey to net zero carbon.


4. Harry’s Pledge

PlaceShapers are proud to care. From providing homes with specialist care and support, to offering care services to people who want to live independently at home, we are committed to caring for our communities.  As founder members of Harry’s Pledge, we champion how caring is valued and supported. 

Harry’s Pledge focuses on four areas where we support those who need care and those who provide it.

1. As employers
2. In workspaces
3. In the homes we build
4. Training and career progression

5. Diverse Voices

Our events seek out, explore and amplify the strength and value of diversity in the sector, in communities and nationally.


6. Membership in action

Our network of groups, such as our Chairs forum, share best practice and offer support and guidance for members, using insight and experience from all over the country.


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