About Us

We are PlaceShapers, a national network of over 100 place-based housing associations across England that help communities to thrive.

Our network is run by members, for members and we are committed to a diverse, values-driven housing association sector. We connect, communicate, and collaborate for greater influence.

Our members range from small housing associations with less than 1,000 homes to large housing associations with over 30,000 homes. Our members operate locally, focused on helping residents and communities thrive. They are not-for-profit businesses committed to improving places through long-term social, economic and physical regeneration.

Our three-year strategic plan sets out how we are seeking to achieve our vision of putting place-shaping at the heart of decision making over the next three years.

Please get in touch if you would like to join our network, speak to our members, or ensure you getting full benefit from your membership.

As PlaceShapers:

  • Members get help, inspiration, and ideas from a peer-led network of like-minded organisations who support them in their place-shaping role.

  • Members share their views, experience and learning with stakeholders and the wider sector through our network.

  • Members are part of a collective voice influencing politicians and stakeholders on the issues that matter to them.

  • Members get free places for their staff at our conferences and events, including our two-day annual conference, with sector leaders and influential speakers.

  • Members get access to member-only resources on important issues that save them time and money and ensure they are following good practice.

  • Members get advice from peers and experts at our standing networks and topical webinars that help them navigate the challenges they face as place-based housing associations.