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Ongo has launched a jam-packed calendar of events and activities across the region, throughout the whole six weeks summer holidays, for all to enjoy.

From their biggest event of the year, the Ongo Carnival, which attracts thousands, to action days on estates, trips to the beach, summer parties, crafts and healthy food classes, there’s something for everyone.

Along with their usual events, Ongo were awarded a Fuelled fund of £7,357 to run even more at their community hubs, The Arc and Viking Centre. Most of these also include a free meal.

Kerry Copson, Community Development Manager at Ongo said: “We’re very excited to be delivering so many fun things to do in so many different places.

“As a mother I know how difficult it can be to keep children entertained over the summer holidays, and the financial impact this has too.

“With the cost of living increasing at the moment it’s amazing and means a lot to us that we can offer these for free.

“There’s a huge 28 events in total so please get along to one if you can.”

Below are the full list of events:

Ongo events
• 25 July, 10am-2pm – Action day at Merlin Road, Scunthorpe
• 2 August, 11am-3.30pm - Ongo Carnival at Manor Park, Scunthorpe
• 10 August, 10am-2pm – Action day at Allenby Close, Lincoln
• 22 August, 11am-3pm – Summer event at Market Hill, Scunthorpe

The Arc, Westcliff
Along with youth sessions every Wednesdays and Friday between 6pm-7:30pm for 8-16 years, they also have:
• 31 July, 10am-2pm - Dramarama
• 4 August, 3pm-4.30pm - Family movie
• 7 August, 10am-2pm - Craft/fruit kebabs
• 9 August, 10am-2pm - Noise Academy
• 11 August, 3pm-4pm - Family games
• 14 August, 10am-2pm - Dramarama
• 16 August, 10am-2pm - Construction workshop
• 18 August, 3pm-4.30pm - Family movie
• 21 August, 10am-2pm – Craft and pizza making
• 23 August, 10am-2pm - Noise Academy
• 25 August, 3pm-4.30pm - Family games
• 30 August, 10am-2pm - Dramarama
• 1 September, 3pm-4.30pm - Family movie

The Viking Centre, Barton upon Humber
• 25 July, 10am-2pm – Decorate your own memory book
• 26 July, 10am-2pm – Science morning
• 1 August, 10am-2pm – Mid-summer party
• 8 August, 10am-2pm – Trip to East Park, Hull
• 9 August, 10am-2pm – Make and design your own beach bag
• 15 August, 10am-3:30pm – Trip to Cleethorpes
• 16 August, 10am-2pm – Summer picnic
• 22 August, 10am-2pm – Eco day
• 23 August, 10am-2pm – Summer party bingo
• 29 August, 10am-2pm – Finish your memory books
• 30 August, 10am-2pm – End of summer party

To find out more about Ongo, their events or support available for all ages, follow them on social media or head to their website:

Issued 26/07/23