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Cost of living

Chancellor Rishi Sunak today announced a package of cost-of-living measures.

Claire Higgins, vice chair of PlaceShapers and Chief Executive of Cross Keys Homes, said: "We welcome today's announcement as evidence Government has heard that millions are struggling to keep their heads above water - and rougher conditions ahead will pull them under.

"A sustainable social security system uprated with inflation is vital for millions who have been victims of a cost of living crisis for years.

"While very welcome, a £400 discount for all energy bill payers and £650 for means-tested benefits will unfortunately still mean that low income households will still have hard choices to make about everyday essential purchases.

"PlaceShapers will continue to support residents and communities through this crisis.

"A long term solution to poverty must be through the provision of affordable housing and investment in sustainable technology to make homes warmer and bring bills down."

Issued 26/05/22