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Pioneering study begins to understand more about day-to-day life on a North West housing estate

Life on Limehurst

A pioneering study has begun to understand more about day-to-day life on a North West housing estate.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the future prospects of the Limehurst Estate in Oldham.

Housing association and regeneration organisation the Regenda Group and the Centre For Local Economic Strategies (CLES) have joined forces to examine social and economic strengths and weaknesses. 

The findings of their study will help to deliver better local services and influence regeneration policies across the country.  

Stephanie Harrison, Executive Director of the Regenda Group, said: “We are committed to helping to improve the lives of our residents across the North West. At Limehurst we are investing £5 million in people and property and we intend to use this as a blueprint for working elsewhere. The partnership with CLES will provide important lessons that we can learn from and help to develop new approaches.”  

The Regenda Group unveiled its 10 year Vision for Limehurst action plan in 2012, with the objective of pulling private and public partners together to transform the neighbourhood. It includes community development, training, employment and health initiatives. 

Resident Sue Hubbard, who has lived on the estate for 12 years, says a real sense of community is returning.

“When you see new houses being built and new heating systems being installed you realise something really positive is happening here. As a result the community events we organise are now much better attended and the whole place feels more upbeat,” she said. 

Neil McInroy, Chief Executive of CLES said: “We are delighted and excited to be working with Regenda, the community of Limehurst and other public and private sector players. In these austere times, the need to forge innovative ways of delivering enduring neighbourhood regeneration, is pressing. The lessons from this innovative approach and partnership in Limehurst has the potential to inform policy and practical approaches to neighbourhood regeneration in many locations across England.”  

Image caption: CLES Chief Executive Neil McInroy, Regenda’s Limehurst Project Manager Chris Standish and CLES Policy Consultant Dr Jennifer Doyle.