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New Playground for the children of Watersedge

Children climbed the pirate ship and swung high on the swings at the official opening of Rosebery Housing Association's new playground. The new play areas at Colne Court and Wey Court, on Watersedge in Epsom, were built as part of Rosebery's 'Making a Difference' project and opened by Jan Mason, Councillor for Ruxley ward and Surrey County.

Rosebery held a consultation event a few months before at Watersedge to find out what equipment the children wanted to have in their playground. One idea came from nine-year-old resident Ronnie Howes, who asked for Hopscotch. When the modern, fresh designs were produced, Hopscotch was incorporated. It is hoped that the new play areas will help residents feel proud of where they live, and develop a stronger sense of community. 

The play areas are part of Rosebery's £1.2 million 'Making a Difference' project, which aims to make local neighbourhoods more attractive places for residents to live. 
Opening the playgrounds, Councillor Mason (pictured with Mayor) said: "This is exactly what was needed and I'm so pleased Rosebery has done it. I've wanted new play areas for years but we've never had the funding. When I heard this was happening I was thrilled and I'm sure it will make a difference to the young families living here. The residents can now become a real community and look out for one another. The Making a Difference project is the best thing Rosebery has done, because it means people have something tangible and they'll see Rosebery as doing positive things for them." 

Rosebery resident Steve Whitehouse, from Mole Court, was keen to voice his thanks after the event. He said: "It's wonderful that parents of Watersedge now have a good quality and safe place for their children to play. I'm delighted that Rosebery talked to their residents and realised that the area needed a new playground. I know my children will use it a lot, so well done Rosebery!" 

Deborah Pike, Chief Executive of Rosebery, commented: "Rosebery is committed to making a positive difference in the communities in which we work. We understand how important it is for our younger residents to have somewhere to enjoy and we're confident that the new play areas will help rejuvenate the neighbourhood."