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Magenta Living joined forces with Pop Up Business School (PUBS) and five other north west housing associations to provide business advice to local residents

Business School Pops Up to help

Magenta Living, the largest provider of social housing in Wirral, joined forces with Pop Up Business School (PUBS) and five other north west housing associations – Regenda Homes, Riverside, Liverpool Housing Trust, Your Housing and Forum Housing - to provide business advice to local residents.

Pop Up Business School takes the opposite approach to traditional enterprise support. There is no scary business plan or legal structures, just help coming up with idea, building confidence and getting that first customer.

Over twenty people attended the two day event, and all said that they felt an increase in confidence, and the ability to progress their business ideas further. All were given the opportunity to set up a free website and Twitter accounts, and all joined a national group of hundreds of entrepreneurs. Confidence and business skills went up, and people closed in on their first sale.

One of the attendees was Frank Davenport. Frank is 70 years old, and wants to set up his own magic business.  By the end of the second day, he had set up and was using a Twitter account to promote his business.

Frank said: “The course has opened doors for me.  It was like I was standing on a trapdoor and now it’s opened and there’s a whole new world down there.”

Sally Kew, Magenta Living Community Development Coordinator, organised the event, and said: “The two day PUBS event has shown that, with a confidence boost and a little bit of knowhow, starting a business doesn’t have to be scary. Over the two days, we’ve supported people who had the start of an idea and people who have already started their business but needed an extra boost. I can’t wait to hear how everyone is getting on when we catch up in November.”