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What a difference the right support has made

What a difference the right support has made

We speak to Steven and his Support Worker Carlos, to find out the difference living at Speedwell Court has made to him.

Steven is 22 years old and has lived at Speedwell Court, (a supported housing scheme in north London for people with autism and Asperger’s) for nearly five years. Steven has autism and a learning disability.

Supported by a team of support workers Steven has developed daily living skills and gained more independence.  

Carlos says: “Steven had just turned 18 when he moved into Speedwell Court and had been living with foster parents. His childhood was difficult and he was very unsettled and anxious when he first moved into supported housing. Being in an emotionally supportive and caring environment helped Steven to build confidence and he has established strong relationships with his support staff and neighbours.

He is now able to travel independently, cook his own meals and manage his own flat. 

Steven loves animals and as well as looking after his own hamster and fish, he was supported to do some voluntary dog sitting for someone in the local community."

Having recently finished his third year at Barnet and Southgate College where he has attended courses in independent living, catering and prevocational skills, over the summer Steven has enjoyed working at a care farm.

“It’s difficult to know where Steven would have lived or what would have happened to him if it wasn’t for supported housing.”

Steven says that living here has made him feel safe and secure, and that he has been able to do so many more things and achieve some of his goals.