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PlaceShapers Budget response

Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered the 2021 Budget on Wednesday 3 March.

Matthew Walker, Chair of PlaceShapers, said:

Matthew Walker, Chair of PlaceShapers, said: “We welcome the Chancellor’s focus on investment in recovery and recognition that social and economic recovery are inter‐dependent.

“First and foremost, we are pleased the Chancellor has listened to all those people who told him how damaging removing the Universal Credit uplift at this point would be. In a year that has brought unprecedented hardship for many, this extra £20 a week is invaluable and provides crucial support in what will continue to be an incredibly difficult year.

“However, financial hardship will not end in six months’ time and we look forward to understanding how the Government will address the challenge that removing the increase at that point will present for those for whom it has made such a difference.

“The focus on routes into home ownership will help many and is one of the tenures that PlaceShapers champions through shared ownership and outright sales.

“However the Government’s levelling up agenda needs to embrace people for whom home ownership is not an option. Safe, secure homes provided through affordable housing are the foundation of a strong and stable communities.

“Investment in affordable housing is a triple win. It makes sense economically, giving people safe, secure homes. It makes sense socially, leading to reinvestment in local communities. It also helps environmentally as we focus on the green agenda in the homes we build and own.

“We’re pleased to see the investment in the UK’s carbon neutral journey. We welcome the Green Infrastructure Bank; financial support will mean members are able to create new jobs in the green economy whilst providing safe and energy efficient homes.

“We also welcome the focus on strengthening communities and introduction of the £150m Community Ownership Fund allowing community groups to acquire local pubs, sport facilities and theatres. PlaceShapers are well placed to facilitate these projects and have a track record of doing this well in the past.”

Rishi Sunak


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