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A new community centre is being built in Tovil by Golding Homes and will be managed by YMCA.

Work begins on new community centre

Work has begun at a site in Tovil to make way for a new community centre. Representatives from Golding Homes, Maidstone YMCA, Maidstone Borough Council and Tovil Parish Council gathered to witness the demolition of the current structure, the Children’s Hut, on the site off Courtenay Road, Tovil.

The new Community Centre is the outcome of an innovative partnership; the centre will be built by Golding Homes and managed by Maidstone YMCA.

Golding Homes have committed over £1m to the project, and the YMCA have committed nearly £400k to fit out and manage the Centre.

Chris Blundell, Golding Homes Director of Development and Regeneration, welcomed the development “It is fitting that as we approach Easter we are seeing new hope and optimism in the heart of the Tovil community. We at Golding Homes are confident this will be a great addition to a really vibrant community, used and treasured by local people for all sorts of activities”.

Lynda Dale, CEO of Maidstone YMCA, added “It has taken a long time to reach this point, through initial thinking, planning, and fundraising. It’s fantastic to see work taking place and the old building coming down. We’re excited about the future and looking forward to starting the new year with a new community centre”.

Golding Homes completed a £25m development of new homes in the adjacent Coombe Farm estate in 2013.

Planning permission for the new Community Centre was granted in 2012 following extensive community consultation, and fundraising for the project has been taking place since then. The new Centre will feature training and lifestyle facilities, and offer activities for local young people.