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Member: Soha Housing
Providing support: Since 2021

Our story
“We are part of Oxfordshire Homeless Movement. One of the priorities is to help people experiencing homelessness who have lost or don’t have access to state-funded benefits and housing. This is a last resort to help individuals move on from the trauma of homelessness and support them to lead productive lives.

“The project depends on low rent accommodation being available. We provide 12 bed spaces at a peppercorn rent while Aspire, Asylum Welcome and Connection Support provide practical assistance.

“A successful outcome is when people move on to independent living, when someone else can take their place. Three guests have been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain because of all the work done with them by Asylum Welcome. A support worker is now helping one guest to apply for Universal Credit and other benefits and the project team are working with him to find suitable move- on accommodation.

“We were the first supplier of homes and in March 2021 we hosted a county-wide virtual conference to encourage - jointly with Oxfordshire County Council – more associations to contribute homes."

Oxfordshire Homeless Movement

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