Soha Housing


Oxfordshire, parts of Wiltshire and Buckinghamshire

Key Contact:

Kate Wareing, Chief Executive

Why we joined PlaceShapers

Soha’s aim is to be a leading community housing association.  We are a community-owned, mutual association, committed to ensuring that our residents are at the centre of all that we do. We have become a mutual so that our legal structure matches that ethos and enables residents to choose to exercise the power of shareholders as well as claim their rights as tenants and leaseholders.  Membership of the PlaceShapers Group is a great opportunity to share best practice about our collective ethos of engagement with and accountability to our local communities, and highlight our roles in building sustainable communities where residents have real voice and influence.

News from this Member

£1.7m to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and improve the comfort of homes

Soha Housing can improve the performance of its least energy efficient homes, reduce carbon emissions and help lower its residents’ energy bills faster thanks to government funding.

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Cost of Living Crisis | Colleagues

Liz Roberts, Communications Officer at Soha, blogs about what members are doing to support their staff through the crisis.

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Soha; Long-term partnerships

Accommodation at a peppercorn rent to help people towards independent living

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