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Bromford Group


Central and West of England

Key contact:

Robert Nettleton, Chief Executive


Homes managed Homes to be built to 2022/23

Additional services

We have a vision for a different approach to customer service based on much stronger local relationships. The Bromford Deal is about believing in what our customers are capable of achieving, helping them to realise their own potential to essentially get the most out of life. We focus on working with customers as individuals, building relationships, profiling needs and aspirations and then offering tailored services to help people get to where they want to be.

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Social return on investments

Bromford focuses on creating the right environment for our customers to thrive. We see the home as a springboard for this, so we have to get them right for each customer and we have to ensure we’re genuinely adding to the supply of new homes so more people can benefit. But it’s only part of the solution.

Since 2011 the development of the Bromford Deal has taught us that the relationship we have with customers is the key component to changing the lives of individuals and communities for the long term. We focus on what people can do, what they can bring to their community and how they can make the most of their talents.

Understanding the value that our services create helps us to understand was really has a positive impact on the lives of our customers and the communities we work in. Take a look at our social impact reports here

Why we joined PlaceShapers

We felt Placeshapers was the perfect fit for our business following the launch of our new strategy that sees greater investment and focus at local level. Being part of a strong, values-led voice to promote what we believe in is tremendously exciting and we feel that PlaceShapers’ ethos of starting local fits intrinsically with our own.

We work in a very open and collaborative way and we are looking forward to listening to what others in the sector are successfully spearheading as well as sharing our own learning.

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