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PlaceShapers announces new member

12 March 2024

Habinteg New Member

Placeshapers is delighted to announce that Habinteg Housing Association has joined its network of more than 100 community-focused housing associations. 

Habinteg has over 3,300 homes and champions inclusion by providing and promoting accessible homes and neighbourhoods that welcome and include everyone, including disabled and older people. 

One in three of Habinteg's properties are designed specifically for wheelchair users, and the majority of its homes are built to an accessible or adaptable standard.  

Habinteg’s Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE) has been a leading authority on inclusive design for over 50 years.. CAE provides consultancy, - assisting clients to create and manage built environments - training, research and publications on building design and management to meet the needs of everyone, including disabled and older people.   
Matthew Walker, PlaceShapers Chair and Chief Executive of Leeds Federated Housing, said: “PlaceShapers is a national network of place-based landlords who work together to help communities thrive. Members are ambitious for their communities, committed to long-term solutions, united in our purpose, and firmly in it for the long term. 

Habinteg shares this ethos; Habinteg’s commitment to creating accessible homes in an inclusive setting that can transform the lives of disabled people and those around them adds to the diversity of PlaceShapers. We are delighted to welcome them. 

Nick Apetroaie, Chief Executive of Habinteg, said: “PlaceShapers has a great reputation for promoting change and good practice based on the community-led model of housing.  The organisation offers Habinteg an opportunity to learn as well play an active part in developing ideas and approaches that make a real difference to local communities. 
We believe that having an accessible home in an inclusive setting can transform the lives of disabled people and those around them, offering individuals the highest levels of independence, choice and control over their daily lives. We hope to be able to share some of our good practice around accessible housing and inclusive design in the built environment with the PlaceShapers community.” 

Membership is assessed by the PlaceShapers Board of ten chief executives, based on the housing organisation demonstrating that it: 

- Has a long-standing commitment to the places it operates and how it strives to improve the social and economic resilience of the communities it works with. 

- Puts residents and customers at the centre of what it does and ensures they have real influence on the organisation. 

- Is locally focused and works actively with local authorities and local partners to improve and shape places at a strategic and operational level. 

- Builds homes that respond to local housing needs and provides more than just landlord services because it cares about the people and places where it works.