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Ongo join forces with Oh Yes! Net Zero

15 March 2024

Ongo has proudly signed up to the Oh Yes! Net Zero campaign, as part of their environmental and sustainability aims.

Oh Yes! Net Zero offers the chance for businesses in the region to come together and drive down their carbon footprint. It aims to lead the way in the UK’s fight against the effect of climate change.

Out of the six largest industrial clusters in the UK, the Humber is responsible for around 37% of CO2 emissions in the UK.

In 2019, the largest overall regional reduction in emissions since 2018 was reported in Yorkshire and the Humber (down 4.9%), but there is still work to be done.

As a large organisation in North Lincolnshire, Ongo has signed up to support this mission, connect with other businesses, share learning, and drive changes through initiatives with tenants, customers and colleagues.

 Andrea Morley, Sustainability Manager at Ongo said: “We’re delighted to be awarded a gold membership status for this campaign and are very proud to be taking part and showing our support.

 “We’re working hard to reach net zero by 2050 so this fits perfectly with what we want to achieve.

“Key areas will be improving the energy efficiency of our homes, completing biodiversity projects , introducing electric vehicles and engagement like this, to make sure we’re educating and involving as many people as possible.”

For more information on Oh Yes! Net Zero, or to sign up to take part, head to: To find out more about Ongo and their aims, visit: