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General Election - messages for national stakeholders

19 June 2024

The role and impact of place-based housing associations cover

As place-based housing associations, we do more than just provide homes - we build places.

As communities are hit by the housing crisis, cost-of-living crisis, and withdrawal of public services, our role has become even more important. But like other sectors we face challenges and government policy can hamper what we do.

Ahead of the General Election, this briefing for national stakeholders sets out the role and impact of place based-based housing associations and how, with the right support from the next government, we can overcome these challenges and do more to help every part of the country thrive. We stand ready to work with the next government to deliver their ambitions on housing and place.

In this briefing we set out:

  • What is a place-based housing association?

  • What are the challenges we currently face?

  • What can place-based housing associations do to help places thrive?

  • How can the next government help us do more?

Download The Impact of Place-Based Housing Associations.