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Member: Bourneville Village Trust
Refugees housed:
 1 Syrian family
Providing support: Since 2020

Our story
“We housed the first family to be welcomed to Birmingham under Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme for SyriansWe were approached by the Birmingham District of the Methodist Church to house the only Syrian refugee family (at the time) to have settled in the city as part of the Community Sponsorship programme.

“As a community-focused organisation, we are no strangers to housing and supporting vulnerable people in our communities, and families escaping Syria are among the most vulnerable.

“In February 2018 the first family from the Government’s Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme for Syrian nationals was welcomed to Birmingham by the Methodist Churches.

“Originally from Homs, the family had been living in refugee accommodation in Jordan, and after arriving in the UK, were housed by the Methodists. The family had settled into the community and were ready to move into permanent accommodation but were struggling to find anywhere.

“We provided a home and worked closely with Birmingham Methodists to make sure the family felt part of a strong and inclusive community.

“We linked the family into services and networks that could support them to overcome barriers.”

Birmingham District of The Methodist Churches

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