We're a national network of more than 100 community based housing associations. More than 25% of people who live in a housing association home in England live in one our homes and our services are used by more than two million people.


Described by Inside Housing as ‘one of the most high profile lobbying bodies in the sector’, our homes create communities, our services strengthen communities and our home building creates communities of the future.

Caring:  We care about our local communities and the people who live in them

Knowledge: We’re embedded in our local communities so our homes meet local needs and our services resolve local issues

Networks: We work in depth with partners at a local level to achieve real improvements and cover 92% of local authority areas

Impact: Local knowledge, strong partnerships and a total commitment to our role mean we deliver results with lasting impact

PlaceShapers came together as a lobby group and best practice sharing group in 2008. All members sign up to these principles:

  • We put our residents and customers at the centre of what we do and ensure they have real influence on our organisations.
  • We provide more than just landlord services because we care about the people and places where we work.
  • We build homes that respond to local housing need.
  • We recognise the importance of a local focus and work actively with our local authorities and other local partners to improve and shape places at both a strategic and operational level. 
  • We believe there's strength and benefit to residents and stakeholders in maintaining a strong, independent, diverse, values-driven housing association sector.

With homes in 95% of all local authority areas, we are firmly part of the solution to the country’s housing crisis. Unemployment, crime, poor health and low educational achievement are all linked so what we do as housing organisations to help residents, local government and other agencies work together can make a huge difference to lives.

Our members understand the strategic priorities of central and local government and contribute to their delivery as close and valued partners.

Never before has there been a time when getting these partnerships right is so crucial. We distinguish ourselves as a group because we are committed to local focus.  We are already doing a fantastic amount of good work in partnership with government, agencies and most importantly our customers who are ultimately the reason for our being.

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23,000 New Homes

850,000 Homes  


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