We’re PlaceShapers

Together our 100+ members:

  • Have nearly 850,000 homes for rent, shared ownership, supported housing or sale

  • House one in four people who live in a housing association home

  • Provide services to more than two million people

  • Added 23,000 new homes in over the last two years

  • Have at least 36,000 homes in development

  • Helped more than 60,000 people into work since 2010

  • Re-invest 100% of our profits into our homes and communities

Home development of the month

Gina Knight Buzz 5Gina Knight Buzz 5

January star builder

Building where there's no space - Shepherds Bush Housing Group builds homes in one of country's most expensive areas. more...

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Latest news

Bournville springBournville spring

What's in store for the year of the rooster? Sinéad Butters give a PlaceShaper persepctive.

12 January 2017 more...

Coast and Country Jan 2017 for webCoast and Country Jan 2017 for web

PlaceShapers commit to help even more people into work building on 60,000 since 2010.

5 January 2017 more...

November 2016November 2016

Needed more than ever - and ready to deliver in 2017, says PlaceShapers chair.

23 December 2016 more...

November 2016November 2016

PlaceShapers welcomes the Autumn Statement commitment to more genuinely affordable rented homes.

23 November 2016 more...

Sienad openingSienad opening

PlaceShaper conference commits to 'strain every sinew' to build new homes.

17 November 2016 more...

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