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You've got a friend in WHA

Dozens of tenants and their children gathered for a Warrington Housing Association engagement event – that had a special Toy Story theme.

The housing association was keen to try out a new way of meeting younger tenants, so held the free event at the start of the school holidays with crafts, face painting, balloon modelling and a quiz, to capture this target audience.

Along with the fun activities, there were members of staff on hand from Warrington Housing Association (WHA) for them to talk to, including the money advice officer, who held workshops on the day, along with partner organisations like uswitch and United Utilities.

Beth Blenkinship, Community Development Officer, said: “This year, instead of holding the usual annual conference our WHA ‘Engage’ event set out to target our younger tenants that traditionally have not previously attended.

“By making it a fun day rather than a conference we succeeded in getting families along, and grandparents, as well as our usual attendees.

“It was a chance for tenants to meet our wider team, be updated on WHA developments and for us to know what matters most to them as a valued customer.

“It was great to see tenants that had not met before engaging with each other and visiting the advice information stalls, as well as having some fun with the quiz and games with their families on a lovely summer’s day.

“It is important to us to have great communication with residents and we are always looking for new ways to stay in touch – so our Toy Story theme helped with that and hopefully each and every one of them walked away knowing they have a friend in us!”

The event, which included a free lunch for all Warrington Housing Association (WHA) tenants, also marked a special occasion for one of them, Deborah Reynolds, who was presented with a certificate and flowers by the director of operations, Niki Stockton, having been a tenant for 25 years.

She said: “I have always enjoyed being a resident with WHA, they are a good landlord, which is why I have been with them for so long. My house is regularly updated and if you need to speak to someone, they are always available.


“It is lovely to get flowers and the certificate, and I have enjoyed the event, it is a good way of keeping in touch with what is going on and great to see so many different tenants at it and children enjoying it.”

Chief Executive, David Cummins, who opened the event, added: “This event was all about us engaging with tenants. As a sector, we need to ensure that our tenants are listened to and we want to do that in lots of different ways – with this event being one of them. We have a good relationship with our tenants and want to keep building on that as we are supportive of the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants plan.”

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