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Homes for Britain

PlaceShapers is part of the Homes for Britain campaign which is securing a commitment to end the housing crisis within a generation.

The campaign is unifying the whole housing world for the first time in the run up to the 2015 general election so together we put housing at the top of the agenda.

PlaceShapers chair Tony Stacey said: "Politicians of all parties recognise the extent of the housing crisis. We as PlaceShapers have a role as champions of community focused housing associations.

"Our local focus means we have real insight into the challenges of the housing crisis locally and workable, deliverable solutions."

Click here for the six milestone in the run up to the election.


Star Builders

Two Rivers New homes & new partnershipTwo Rivers New homes & new partnership

Winter 2020 star builders
PlaceShapers Winter Star Builders are the West Midlands, building 9,375 more homes by 2023. more...

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