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Wirral high rise Block used for Fire Training

Magenta Living, the largest provider of social housing in Wirral, gave an open invitation to Merseyside Fire & Rescue Services, allowing fire crews to carry out training exercises at high rise blocks across Wirral.


Fire crews chose to carry out training exercises at Charter House, a decommissioned ten story block in Wallasey this month.


Gordon Smith, Watch Manager who is based at MFRS training academy in Liverpool said:  “It is essential that fire crews receive full training in complex buildings.  These exercises prepare fire crews to be able to deal with a real incident in a more efficient manner.  This reduces the risk to residents and fire officers, with the exercises revolving around fire fighting and life rescue in an environment that allows the use of fog generators to make the exercises as realistic as possible.”


Denny Beacham, Health and Safety Manager at Magenta Living, said:  “Magenta Living has worked in partnership with MFRS for many years, and this is the latest in a long list of initiatives aimed at keeping Wirral residents safe.  We will continue to do all we can to provide these training opportunities to fire crews.”