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We Care Day

PlaceShapers are today (Friday 14 September) giving more than 2800 hours going over and above in their communities for We Care Day.

As part of its 2018 We Care campaign showing how members go above and beyond in their communities, PlaceShapers set an initial target for 1000 volunteer hours. The target was smashed and now stands at 2872.

PlaceShapers chair, and CEO of Aspire, Sinéad Butters said: “Up and down the country We Care Day focuses on the rich diversity of ways that our members care for people and communities. Whilst we take great care in providing high-quality homes that are safe and well maintained, we also focus on the people who live in them, working with them and our wider partners to ensure we provide what’s needed. We Care shows what this means on a day-to-day basis. We asked members to pledge hours on the PlaceShapers Care-ometer and quickly raised our 1000 hour target with the total moving upwards daily.”

At Cross Keys Homes, staff are using volunteer time to give its Family and Children’s Centre a makeover. EastEnd Homes has teamed with an environmental charity working with corporate volunteers, to improve green space on the Isle of Dogs. At Worthing Homes, staff are hopping into a minibus and doing estate tidy-ups. Origin are doing a foodbank collection. At Shepherds Bush Housing Group, staff are running a lunch and learn for colleagues and collecting for a homeless charity. Croydon Churches are running a digital workshop for elderly residents.

Cross Keys Homes CEO Claire Higgins said: “It’s these extra acts of kindness that make such a huge difference to local communities, and We Care Day highlights the extra mile we often go, above and beyond our daily work, to make a positive difference. It’s really heart-warming to see this in action.”

We Care Day is part of PlaceShapers 2018 campaign focuses on how we care for people, our communities and the range of caring activities they engage in on a daily basis. Through an Impact Report it helps uncovers the true scale of our work, the breadth of caring services we provide and the impact we’re having on people’s lives, every day. It shows:

  • We provide high quality core services
  • We provide a broad and flexible range of services
  • We’re driven by social purpose
  • We operate at scale nationally
  • We collaborate and work in partnership 

It builds on the 2017 campaign We Build which shows that members will more than 152,000 homes by 2027.

Members taking part in We Care Day are:

Cross Keys Homes
East End Homes
Grand Union
Leeds and Yorkshire
Leeds Federated
North Star
One Manchester
Poplar HARCA
Saxon Weald
Shepherds Bush Housing Group
United Communities
West Kent
Worthing Homes





SBHG ahead of We Care

Worth ahead of We Care Day

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