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Stepping up to deliver 152,000 homes

PlaceShaper members will almost double the homes they build in the next ten years with 152,000 homes in the pipeline. PlaceShapers’ new We Build report demonstrates the increasing contribution that members have made - and will make in the future - to solving the housing crisis.

We Build shows that:

  • PlaceShapers will complete 17,300 more new homes this year, a 60% increase on 2016/17.
  • PlaceShapers will complete a further 70,000 new homes by 2022, giving 88,000 new homes in the next five years. This is a 12% overall increase on existing housing stock and 35% of homes predicted to be built by the housing association sector by 2022.
  • Over a 10-year period, PlaceShapers are ramping up to deliver an additional 152,000 new homes by 2027, almost doubling our recent output.
  • PlaceShapers members have built over 52,000 new homes in the last six years with at least 11,400 in the past year alone.

PlaceShapers chair Sinéad Butters said: “We see this crisis everyday as people are priced out of decent, secure and genuinely affordable homes. We are part of the solution and are stepping up to deliver 152,000 new homes across all tenures by 2027.

“We work in areas of little interest to private developers where opportunities for regeneration partnerships abound if only the investment was possible. We also work in areas of high demand where competition for land makes the ability to provide homes of the type needed almost impossible. We steer new schemes through tortuous planning processes. We include new homes for those the private sector ignores. And we don’t just build homes. We build lives too with a range of diverse services in our communities.

“Our efforts will only make a lasting difference if future governments commit to the bold, long-term strategies and investment needed to ensure we address this crisis equally in all corners of the UK.”

We Build was researched by Campbell Tickell and is based on responses from 86% of PlaceShaper members.

Maggie Rafalowicz, Associate Director at Campbell Tickell, said: “There is a central role for community-based and community-focused housing associations to play in helping deliver the new homes that the country desperately needs. PlaceShapers members have a strong track record and have consistently demonstrated their commitment to doing this. What is clear from our research is that they have both the willingness and the capacity to continue doing so.”

We Build is the successor to We Work, the 2016 campaign which showed how PlaceShapers have helped 60,000 into training or employment since 2010.


We Build will be launched during the CIH conference in Manchester on Tuesday 27 June.


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