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This is a great example of

How an association can maximise affordable housing on site by harnessing the benefits of OSM, and establish a joint venture with council partners to deliver a programme of affordable homes of all tenures across the city.

Cross Key Homes, East of England

Perkins Land, Peterborough: a development of 221 environmentally efficient new homes, using Off Site Manufacture to create additional affordable homes
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What we did

By using a cost effective OSM, Cross Keys Homes were able to maximise the affordable housing on a site, working in a joint venture with Peterborough City Council.

How we did it

Having purchased the site with an outline planning consent for up to 230 new homes (including an affordable housing requirement of 30%), Cross Keys Homes (CKH) had intended to sell on most of the site to a private developer, and to work in partnership with them to deliver the affordable homes element.

However, CKH realised that, by using an off-site manufacture system to keep construction time and costs down, a 100% affordable housing scheme could be delivered. Having been approached by Peterborough City Council (PCC) who were looking for a site for a new school for children with special educational needs, CKH decided to use their newly formed joint venture with PCC for the development, which was already opening up other sites across the city for affordable housing development. The joint venture (Medesham Homes) will use both PCC and CKH funding to deliver new homes, which will then be held in jointly owned subsidiaries.

CKH chose LoCal Homes as a partner for the project and procured the use of LoCal Home’s own architects in re-designing the scheme. This helped to ensure that the cost benefits of the system could be fully exploited by using standardisation of design where possible.

The impact we’ve had

  • 104 affordable homes to be built at Perkins and a further 108 on other sites throughout the City.
  • Off-site manufacture benefits include quicker delivery and reduced costs, ensuring the viability of a 100% affordable housing scheme and 35 affordable homes over and above originally planned.
  • Homes built to high environmental standards, with other environmental benefits including reduced waste on and off-site
  • A new school for children with special educational needs, meeting the demand for this service well into the future.

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