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Case Studies

Through these 11 case studies, we show how our members have tackled issues/challenges head on and responded to the challenges in ambitious, imaginative and innovative ways. At the heart of these case studies - and the many others we could have chosen to highlight - is the difference that housing associations, deeply embedded in their communities and ‘in it for the long term’, can make and how close working relationships with local authority and other partners, built over time and based on trust can overcome obstacles and make their contribution to solving the housing crisis.

United Communities, South West, Shaldon Road

United Communities, South West

Dillon Court, Grace Court Apartment Block V2

CCHA, London

Accord, West Midlands 4

Accord, West Midlands

Urban Pioneers, Middlehaven

North Star, North East

emh group PassivHaus Scheme

EMH, East Midlands

Bromford 1

Bromford, West Midlands

Elker Lane - Completion reduced

St Vincent’s, North West

Progress Housing Group, North West 1

Progress Housing Group, North West

Incommunities, Yorkshire 2

Incommunities, Yorkshire

West Kent HA, South East 4

West Kent HA, South East

VIVID, South East

VIVID, South East

Star Builders

Two Rivers New homes & new partnershipTwo Rivers New homes & new partnership

Star builders
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