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We Build shows the impact PlaceShapers have made and will continue to make to solving the housing crisis by almost doubling our output. We Build comes hot on the heels of We Work showing how we’ve helped 60,000 into jobs and employment.


We Build 

Our members are increasing home building plans and are responsible for 35% of homes predicted to be built by the housing association sector.

But this is about so much more than bricks and mortar. Our homes build and shape communities. Our report gives the bigger picture and the case studies show the difference that our homes make.

We Build, researched by Campbell Tickell is our role in solving the housing crisis. We see this crisis everyday as people are priced out of decent, secure and genuinely affordable homes. We work in areas of little interest to private developers where opportunities for regeneration partnerships abound if only the investment was possible. We also work in areas of high demand where competition for land makes the ability to provide homes of the type needed almost impossible. We steer new schemes through tortuous planning processes. We include new homes for those the private sector ignores. And we don’t just build homes. We build lives too with a range of diverse services in our communities.

We are an active and engaged part of the solution to the crisis, but we cannot do it alone. Our contribution to the supply of new homes to meet local needs is unquestionable. Our track record is strong and our ambition to double our development plans demonstrates we are not complacent. We are stepping up. But our efforts will only make a lasting difference if future governments commit to the bold, long-term strategies and investment needed to ensure we address this crisis equally in all corners of the UK. This requires local solutions to reflect diverse challenges across the country and regeneration investment to release marginal markets. It requires positive certainty on rents and a workable funding framework for supported housing. It means building more homes for social rent. It needs land for new homes to be released at discounted values and backing for small builders. These are just a few of the ways we can be supported to deliver. And deliver we will.

PlaceShapers are in it for the long term.

We Build. We Work. We Care. We Share.


We Build Report

We Build is one of our four strategic priorities. Researched by Campbell Tickell, it sets out our delivery record coupled with our delivery plans with case studies that show the local impact.

Read it here.


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