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Value for money

PlaceShapers have launched a sector leading study;  Value for Money: Good Practice Guidance.

The guide, written by leading consultancy Campbell Tickell, considers how a housing provider can perform strongly on VFM throughout their governance, strategy and operations and how they can write a VFM Self-Assessment that demonstrates the full impact of VFM. The work was funded by a grant from the Big Assist.

PlaceShapers have an excellent track record of making efficiency gains (estimated at £109m in 2013/14) and of adding financial and social value to the communities they serve. Achieving VFM and being able to account for it properly are vital and the need to drive further efficiencies will be more important than ever given reducing income streams.

Tony Stacey, chair of PlaceShapers, said: "PlaceShapers take value for money very seriously. It runs through everything we do. A big part of our work is learning from the best, and that is exactly what this guide will help us do. This is the first time a serious study of VFM practice has been undertaken on this scale. I am proud to be associated with it."

The report sets out: “A culture that recognises the value of VFM is fundamental to sound business practice, for obvious reasons. Making your money go further enables you to devote more resources to achieving and exceeding your business objectives: providing more and better homes, improving service quality, supporting a wider range of activities, keeping down costs for residents."

The Value for Money: Good Practice Guidance  is available to download by clickinghere.

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