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Universal Credit Cut undermines commitment to levelling-up and flies in face of warnings

PlaceShapers has joined hundreds of front-line organisations calling loudly for the Government to reinstate the Universal Credit increase in the Autumn budget. Overnight, millions of families have lost the £20 increase.  

Claire Higgins, Vice Chair of PlaceShapers, said: “Our members have shown the impact this cut will have on people’s lives. It will force them to make unacceptable choices, such as between heating and food, which should have no place in 21st century Britain.  

“The cut will be felt most by those with the least across our society and will undoubtedly cause rising poverty, debt, homelessness and hunger.   

“The Chancellor’s decision undermines the Government’s commitment to level up and flies in the face of widespread warnings including those of many Conservative MPs and local leaders. 

“We all need the security and stability of a strong social security lifeline, not just during a national crisis, but every day."