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Tenants reminded to ask for ID

Tenants reminded to ask for ID

North Lincolnshire Homes tenants are being reminded to always ask for identification from visitors claiming to be working for the landlord or other partner organisations.

The reminder stems from an incident in which a tenant gave a large amount of cash to a person claiming to be working for North Lincolnshire Homes’ Handy Van Team.

Andrew McFadden, Operations Manager, Homes and Gardens at Ongo, commented: “Our staff will always carry identification with them, and sometimes an appointment card as well.

“My advice is to not be afraid to ask to see ID from anyone, and if you’re still not sure, you can give us a call on 01724 279900 and we’ll check to see whether the visitor is a member of our staff.”

The public are being asked to keep an eye on elderly neighbours too, and can request that they are the point of contact for any visitors at their neighbour’s home. Packs can be obtained from local Policing Teams or through North Lincolnshire Council’s Safer Neighbourhoods Partnership. Email for more information.