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PlaceShapers response to news the government has dropped plans to cap housing benefit in the social housing sector at Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates

Sinead Butters, Chair of PlaceShapers, said: “PlaceShapers is delighted that today’s announcements confirm the Government has indeed abandoned any thought of applying the LHA cap to supported housing. On first reading, the revised funding strategy is a very welcome step towards securing the long term future of all types of homes for the most vulnerable in our communities. Whilst we need time to understand the basis of the proposed new rent setting arrangements for sheltered housing and reassurance that the overall funding pot will be adequate and protected (including the proposed ring-fenced grant for short-term housing), the pledge to ensure that the actual costs of current and future provision will continue to be covered is a huge relief. The delayed implementation date of April 2020 means any issues of concern can be worked on jointly and we look forward to constructive discussions on the detail going forward. As part of this, we will of course prepare a full response to today’s consultation."

Read the PlaceShaper response to the consultation.


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