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Staffordshire Housing Group becomes Honeycomb Group

Staffordshire Housing Group Becomes The Honeycomb Group

After 12 months of asking lots of questions to our customers, partners and staff we are making a change.

Working alongside an external agency, we found that the old Staffordshire Housing Group model was confusing and that customers, partners and staff struggled to explain what all of our brands collectively did.

We also found that the word “housing” didn’t reflect the diversity of services we provide.

So say hello to Honeycomb Group

Honeycomb Group is a team of social-minded brands championing happy homes in our region by providing services and support that help people across Staffordshire and its surrounding areas feel secure, connected and confident.

The changes we have made means we are clearer about all the things that we do, what we stand for and the promises we make to all our customers.

We have four brands that operate in distinct markets and one Group brand that celebrates the enormity of what we do - affordable housing provider, Staffs Housing, home improvement agency, Revival, domestic abuse charity, Glow and homelessness charity, Concrete.