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 PlaceShapers Chair honoured with MBE

PlaceShapers Chair Sinéad Butters has been recognised in the 2016 New Year Honours list with an MBE for her services to housing. 

Sinéad, Chief Executive of the Aspire Group, was nominated for the honour in recognition of her work in the sector, raising the profile of housing issues and passionately improving lives and communities in Staffordshire through regeneration and development.

The MBE came hot on the heels of her appointment as the Chair of PlaceShapers last year. 

She said: “Housing associations are not just about buildings and homes, we work with people to improve their confidence, get them ready for work and change their lives for the better, and it makes me proud to say that.

“As Chair of PlaceShapers I have an even greater opportunity to promote the work of housing associations on a national platform. Now is the time to really promote what we do; to make the case for house building of all tenures and community investment, for aspiration, social mobility and regeneration, working hand in hand.”

Sinéad paid tribute the work of her team, saying the honour reflected the team efforts of everyone working at the Aspire Group. 

She added: “One of the best parts of my job is seeing our apprenticeship programme in action. We give young people the opportunities they need to start their careers, and benefit the community as a whole, it makes a huge impact.” 

Having grown up in Staffordshire and studied at Keele University, Sinead is also one of the universities founding ‘Fellows’ and she will be making her way to Buckingham Palace later this year to collect the award.


Sinead Butters

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