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Voluntary Pay to Stay welcome 

Brandon Lewis, housing minister has announced that the Government's Pay to Stay proposal would be made “voluntary” as part of a deregulation package to help reverse the Office for National Statistics (ONS) decision to reclassify housing associations as public.

PlaceShapers chair Sinead Butters said: “We welcome the announcement. In describing Pay to Stay as a blunt tool when we  gave evidence to the Housing and Planning Public Bill Committee, we were concerned that it would discourage ambition. That is an important part of our offer locally;  house building of all tenures and community investment, for aspiration, social mobility and regeneration, working hand in hand.

"We also welcome the announcement as part of the government’s commitment to deregulation which will frame the reversing the ONS’s reclassification of housing associations.

"Individual members will now take forward what this will means for them locally.”

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