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Right to Build response

PlaceShapers have welcomed the Government’s consultation on a new “Right to Build” and the opportunity offered by the custom-build model to add to the delivery of much needed new homes across the country.

Chair Tony Stacey said: “Custom-build can be a game-changer. It is one of very few housing policies where there is all-party support. The UK lags behind most developed countries in its use of custom-build, and I would love to see this change.

"This is not for everyone. Our members respond to local housing markets and work very closely with the strategic housing authorities. Where the figures stack up and councils are behind it, many PlaceShapers will want to play a central role promoting the model and helping to accelerate new supply.”

The response says:

  • We do not believe that custom build on its own is “the answer” but support any initiatives that can add to the mix going forward and are pleased to note that there appears to be cross-party support for this approach.
  • Our members “build local”. They apply their unique community understanding, presence and commitment to build partnerships and bring about development that many more distant providers can’t achieve and volume-builders aren’t interested in.
  • Custom build offers the potential to work in new ways in partnership with local authorities, customers and local builders to provide affordable solutions tailored to local communities.
  • The model will be more attractive to some of our members than others and they will need to make their own judgements on the extent to which local markets and their own business priorities, capacity and risk appetite support custom-built developments. Land availability and cost, cost-effective construction methods, customer confidence in the model and loan finance will all be key to scheme success where even where there is an appetite to proceed.

Our submission represents the collective response from PlaceShapers. Individually, some of our members may submit their own response.

To read the full response click here.


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