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Rev. Richard Coles to become Patron of Wellingborough Homes

Rev. Richard Coles to become Patron of Wellingborough Homes

Reverend, broadcaster, musician and Strictly Come Dancing star Rev. Richard Coles will become the Patron of Wellingborough Homes after stepping down from the Board.

Richard, who has been on the Board for six years, will be taking on his new role at the organisation’s Annual General Meeting on the 28th September 2017.

Keen to keep a strong connection with Wellingborough Homes, he will become the Patron and public ambassador for the organisation by attending key events and occasional Board meetings, as well as continuing to provide expertise to the Board and Executive Team.

Rev. Richard Coles said: “I have had a great six years working with the Board and Executive team at Wellingborough Homes, and although I am sad to be stepping down from the Board, I’m delighted that I can continue as Patron and to work closely with an organisation who are an important part of the local community”.

Tim Davy, Chair of the Board of Wellingborough Homes, commented: “Since Rev. Richard Coles joined the Board of Wellingborough Homes in 2011, the whole of its Senior Team has enjoyed working with him because of his infectious enthusiasm for the work of the association in general and his special talents in the area of social needs. Richard has been a committed member of the Board enquiring into social matters in particular.


In recent months, Wellingborough Homes have joined the public at large in enjoying the increasing success of Richard’s broadcasting career. It has been inevitable that Richard’s broadcasting commitments have made it more difficult for him to attend meetings of the Board, but we have sought to maintain Richard’s very valuable connection with the association.


I’m delighted that Richard has accepted our invitation to become Patron of Wellingborough Homes and will continue to attend major events in the life of the association.”