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Response to consultation on funding supported and sheltered housing

PlaceShapers have responded to the National Housing Federation's consultation on funding supported and sheltered housing

The response replies to specific questions but expresses a concern about suggesting detailed models for an alternative funding framework in the absence of yet understanding the Government’s position on the agenda.

It also highlights the need for consideration to be given to agreeing that the reforms enable supported housing to contribute positively to key national and local care, support and health strategies such as  “Transforming Care for People with Learning Disabilities”.

In conclusion, Placeshapers say: "We cannot stress enough the need to keep this simple and the need to tackle only what we think is broken as opposed to inventing a whole new system.

"We would also value further understanding of the apparent contradiction within Government whose assurance that their review of supported housing funding is not a cost reduction exercise seems to contrast with assumed national budget savings. Uncertainty on this point is exacerbated by a consultation process that asks us to suggest detailed models for a secure and sustainable future funding framework in the absence of yet understanding the Government’s position or ‘direction of travel” on the agenda.

"We have a strong desire to achieve VFM and to work with Government on this, but the need for high quality accommodation and support services for the most vulnerable in our society will require funding as services grow to meet increasing demand. The cost-effectiveness of supported housing in the context of the wider public purse must not be lost in our discussions."

Read the full reponse.

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