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Government plans to rebuild estates must go beyond bricks and mortar, say PlaceShapers. 

PlaceShapers today welcomed the Government’s commitment to regeneration. Chair Sinéad  Butters said: “Safe, affordable homes and the communities in which they sit are the basis upon which people build their lives. 

“But any plans for infrastructure must go hand in hand with investment in services and support for the most vulnerable.

“Mr Cameron talks of bringing security to families who have none at all. The true social impact to which he clearly aspires can only come through this combination.

“Our members have been partners in successful regeneration schemes and will contribute our direct experience in the discussions which lead to the Estates Regeneration Strategy.”

“Some of our members are stock transfer associations set up to work alongside residents to create sustainable communities and support aspiration in whatever form that takes.

“Our expertise and direct experience will reduce the risk of fractured communities which may be a consequence if equal numbers of replacement homes of all tenures are not affordable to local people.

“We are also keen to see further detail on the levels of investment that will support the initial £140m allocated to begin these far reaching plans.”

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