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Reaction to ONS announcement

PlaceShapers are awaiting detail of today’s announcement from the Office for National Statistics and will be active partners in the plan of action to reverse the decision as soon as possible.

We welcome the government confirming its desire to see housing associations revert to private sector status as soon as possible and its statement that it is ‘committed to reflecting the historic voluntary ethos of the sector and ensuring housing associations continue to be recognised as independent organisations.’

Anything that constrained the ability of PlaceShapers to deliver the new homes and services that make such a difference locally and create such a positive economic impact would be a travesty.

The ONS statement says its decision applies since 2008 since when housing associations have been responsible for 40% of all new housing supply – 90% of our members are actively developing - and we are determined to play our part  in providing the homes the country still so desperately needs.

We support the NHF in detailed discussions with the Secretary of State and officials on a plan of action with a view to reversing this decision as soon as possible.

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