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Raven sponsors East Surrey Poverty Truth Commission

The East Surrey Poverty Truth Commission, was created by Epsom and Ewell Foodbank, as a direct response to a constant increase in demand for their services.

The foodbank, who sometimes serves Raven customers, has seen a 44% increase in people using them to feed their families in the last year. During this period, foodbank usage across the UK has doubled.

The Truth Poverty Commission is a process which brings together around 15 civic, political and business leaders with around 15 other individuals who have experienced poverty locally - including some of Raven's customers.

The Commission will meet monthly, and over time, work together to find solutions to some of the more complex local causes of poverty.

The first meeting is next week, and updates will be shared as the project progresses over the next 18 months.

Here is a short film that explains more about the project: