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Response to the Queen's Speech

Claire Higgins, Vice Chair of PlaceShapers, said:

"After a year that has shone a spotlight on the devastating impact of inequalities, levelling up gives us the best chance of a fairer future.

Through our close community roots, we will be a partner in building more homes that respond to local needs and build communities.  Home ownership is very much part of our offer but can never be at the expense of homes for affordable rent. For the millions for whom ownership will never be a possibility, these homes are their foundation for a levelled up nation.

We are absolutely committed to the safety of residents and will work with the new building safety regulator to ensure all lessons from the past are learned and never forgotten.

We'll use our track record of delivering social infrastructure that tackles the root causes of unemployment and underemployment to help more people rebuild their lives through training, jobs and skills.

Overarching this is the overall commitment to the UK achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. We will play a unique role through the homes we build and bringing residents with us on that journey."