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Tenant Engagement

TPAS and PlaceShapers unite to explore and find answers to the question of the future shape of tenant engagement within PlaceShapers organisations. Read the full report.

Value for Money response

PlaceShapers submitted a response to the HCA's consultation of proposed changes to the Value for Money standard.Click here to read the full response.


PlaceShapers respond

London-based PlaceShapers submitted a response to the Mayor of London's Draft London Housing Strategy. Click here to read the full response.

HouseMark report

The 2015/16 HouseMark report confirms that as well as building more homes, PlaceShapers invest substantially in communities and have their increased their efficiency. Click here.

Punch above weight

New research shows that PlaceShapers ‘punch above their weight’ building new homes, confirming the value of a diverse housing sector. PlaceShapers built or acquired almost 13,000 new homes across all tenures in 2014/15 alone. More than 26,000 new homes are in the pipeline for the next three years. Click here.

Housing movement

Tony Stacey explains why PlaceShapers is a housing movement. Click here.

Value for money

PlaceShapers collectively delivered £109m worth of efficiency savings in 2013/14 according to a unique report just published by the national network of community-based housing associations. This equates to an impressive 2.8% saving on a turnover of £3.84bn and a significant contribution to the “Value For Money” agenda, an agenda that whatever the outcome of the general election will remain a sector priority. To read the full report click here.

Build Local report

The PlaceShapers ‘Build Local’ report reveals how PlaceShapers around the country are unblocking stalled developments and building high-quality new homes in thriving communities, despite the property market slump. Launching the report at PlaceShapers’ sixth annual conference on 30 April, Housing Minister Mark Prisk MP said: “We need to move on from the old ‘Blue versus Red’ political approaches. There’s not a simple or single solution to providing the homes that Britain needs – none of the sectors will suffice on its own. We need the sort of new thinking and practical action demonstrated by PlaceShapers to invigorate all housing providers and achieve long-term, lasting change.”

To read the report, click here.

April 2013: How local housing can unlock lasting health and care

The annual cost to the National Health Service (NHS) of conditions where poor housing is a main contributor is £2.5 billion. PlaceShapers are cutting this bill. Read more by clicking here. This article is © Emerald Group Publishing and permission has been granted for this version to appear here. Emerald does not grant permission for this article to be further copied/distributed or hosted elsewhere without the express permission from Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Allow social landlords to deliver the work programme, urges think tank

A new report from ResPublica calls for radical local approach to welfare reform. The 'community right to challenge' should be extended to welfare and employment services in order to save the Government's welfare reform agenda, a report from the think tank ResPublica, supported by PlaceShapers, urges.

To read the full report, please click here.

Localism that works

PlaceShapers' lastest report shows how housing associations make things happen.

The report shows how PlaceShapers are at heart of delivering localism to transform communities, lives and opportunities.

Containing 16 inspirational case studies, the 'Localism that works' report was launched on 7 December 2011 at a Westminster reception attended by the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Minister for Decentralisation and Cities.

In his introduction, the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Minister for Decentralisation and Cities says: "This report is a vivid illustration of how PlaceShapers engage with the future of their estates and communities. Across the country they have helped people return to work, reduce crime, create jobs and transform local neighbourhoods. These 16 case studies are a testament to what local initiative and local innovation can do for local communities. This is decentralisation that works - people taking control of their lives."

To read the report, click here

UK Migration: the leadership role of housing providers

This report is rooted in the work of the Housing and Migration Network and demonstrates that social housing providers can and do play a pivotal role in housing new migrants and supporting good community relations at neighbourhood level where the effects of migration are most keenly experienced.

A number of PlaceShapers were involved in the Network's discussions and we will be highlighting some of their work in further publications as this report is one of three outputs written by John Perry for the Housing and Migration Network. To read itclick here

Placeshapers respond

PlaceShapers submit response to Labour Housing Policy Review in June 2011. You can read it here

PlaceShapers respond

PlaceShapers responded to the request for consultation on the proposed reforms to social housing with a submission on Friday 14th January. The response can be downloaded here

Heroes or Villains? MPs Perceptions of Housing Associations - December 2008

In recent months, members have been meeting their MPs to discuss the PlaceShapers agenda and establish their views on housing associations and what matters most to MPs when dealing with them.

The results confirm the PlaceShapers agenda is 'on the button'. With a forecast of rising social housing need, the time has come to make sure open and honest dialogue exists between key players in the social housing sector and decision makers in government.

The findings of this research are to be published on Monday 8 December and will be launched at a reception for MPs at the Houses of Parliament that afternoon.

The full research report Heroes or Villains? - MPs Perceptions of Housing Associations can be viewed here

Defining the Middle Market and the role of PlaceShaper Associations - December 2007

This research was conducted in order to gain a better understanding of the "middle market" of housing association activity. The evidence we have considered suggests that there is not one "middle market "as such. There are different configurations of housing association activity in different regions, cities and localities.

To view the 'Defining the Middle Market and the role of PlaceShaper Associations please click here

Literature Review - August 2007

There have been several pieces of work on recent years looking at the way the sector is changing, particularly in terms of the development of larger entities through groups and mergers.

This review aims to examine this work and analyse what it says about the way the sector is developing and the role which medium sized associations can play within that changed sector.

To view the 'Literature Review' please click here

Going the extra mile: What local authorities want from housing association partners - November 2007

Titled 'Going the Extra Mile - what local authorities want from housing association partners', the survey was carried out by Tribal's housing team on behalf of the PlaceShapers Group.

Consultants from Tribal interviewed and collated the views of 21 key local authority partners. Issues covered included the potential for RSLs to support the local authorities 'place shaping role', the value and performance of different types of associations and what authorities saw as the 'ideal shape' of the sector.

Size is not seen as a relevant factor but three quarters of respondents were positive about the role of medium sized housing associations and want them to stay.

Having a critical mass of stock, with accessible and responsive local teams, was seen as a high priority and there was support for stock rationalisation and removing barriers to transferring management.

Overall, respondents wanted a 'mixed economy' offering choice and diversity of providers including niche specialists and mid-sized housing associations with development capacity.

Barbara Thorndick, Chief Executive of West Kent Housing Association, one of the group members said:

"Big is not necessarily bad, but it's not seen as better either. What emerged strongly was the desire to be able to work in genuine partnership with associations that have a real stake in the area in terms of housing stock and broader services, who offer local authorities autonomous, accessible and locally responsive teams.

"This happens to be a particular strength of many mid-sized RSLs" she added, "and the survey found we are often held up as the benchmark by which others are judged. Community development and building effective local partnerships are seen as our core business activities."

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the survey, the trend towards mergers was seen by some as contributing to a downturn in performance by some associations and some respondents felt confused or irritated by associations rebranding under new names.

To view the 'going the extra mile report' please click here

North Area Social Housing Forum (NASHF)

The North Area Social Housing Forum (NASHF) is made up of all the social landlords with an interest in the North Staffordshire Area. They have put together thisbrochure to demonstrate their hard work in the area.

To view the brochure click here

PlaceShapers eZine

The PlaceShapers eZine is a one stop bulletin on our latest news, events, research, political engagement and sharing best practice.
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Star Builders

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Winter 2020 star builders
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