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PlaceShapers make up 13 of top 50 Power Players

Values and inspiration define this year’s list Power Players top 50 which sees PlaceShapers chair Tony Stacey named the second most influential person in housing.

In describing a ‘crop of PlaceShapers chief executives’ to be hailed as Power Players, the list said PlaceShapers members’ value-driven approach clearly strikes a chord with many across the sector.

Halton Housing Trust chief executive Nick Atkin comes in third with 11 other PlaceShapers in the top 50.

Tony Stacey is hailed as a “steely champion” for the values of community-based associations. He said:  “I am delighted to see so many PlaceShapers throughout the Power Players.  Our values driven approach makes a real and lasting difference to the lives of people locally as well as a real and lasting impact on local and national economies. The high-quality neighbourhoods we create with a strong voice for our residents clearly has great resonance with those who understand the difference good quality housing makes to people’s lives.”

The 2015 Power Players list can be viewed in full in the April edition of 24housing, out today.  The list is topped by David Orr, Chief Executive, National Housing Federation who has spearheaded the Homes for Britain campaign.

Fourteen of the top 30 chief executives are also PlaceShapers.

PlaceShaping people in the Power Players top 50 list (the chief executive's list is below this).

2. Tony Stacey
Chief Executive, South Yorkshire Housing Association and chair of PlaceShapers

Former TSA boss Peter Marsh a “steely champion” for the values of community-based associations in the PlaceShapers group.

“A phenomenal spokesperson for the sector, ” said John Giesen, chief executive, B3Living.

“Great values, works bloody hard, always willing to say what he thinks,” said   Charlie Norman, chief executive, St Vincent’s HA

3. Nick Atkin
Chief Executive, Halton Housing Trust

Halton prides itself on being forward-thinking and dynamic, and much of that springs from Atkin’s leadership.
“Whilst a lot of the sector's focus is on the election, and on ‘getting housing onto the political agenda’, the brutal maths of public expenditure points to tougher times - regardless of electoral outcome. The sector is going to have to radically change to respond, and Nick is one of those who has been at the forefront of trying to find new ways to do business.  He's not a conventional sector leader, but a lot of what he's doing now points to issues large parts of the sector will need to engage with over the next five years” Matt Leach, chief executive, HACT

11. Alison Inman
Board member CIH, TPAS and Colne Housing Society

She’s also a key driver of the SHOUT group, is a prominent on social media and is described by many who nominated her as an inspirational and tireless campaigner.
“Always says what many people are thinking. She’s prepared to speak out for social housing and has strong values” Helen Jaggar, chief executive, Berneslai Homes

12. Geeta Nanda
Chief Executive, Thames Valley Housing

It’s her “can do audacity”, as one of those who voted for her put it, that has won Geeta Nanda her reputation in the housing world. Her organisation is an innovator: its Fizzy Living scheme to provide good quality market rent schemes has been highly acclaimed and is expanding.

14. Julia Unwin
Chief Executive, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Testament to her organisation’s work in shining a light on issues around deprivation, communities and older age. She believes it’s important for us all to tackle poverty. “A society in which people feel trapped, and in which routes out of poverty are blocked, is a profoundly unequal one. It creates and reinforces insecurity. And it breeds resentment and discontent, which can only pit poor people against very poor people.”

17. Steve Stride
Chief Executive, Poplar HARCA

His mantra is that the housing sector can change lives for the better.
“Steve has used his CIH presidential year really well. His regeneration campaign is critical and his equality commission asks some serious questions of the sector” David Orr, chief executive, National Housing Federation.
“A visionary leader who is transforming the deprived neighbourhood of Poplar in remarkable ways. Also pleasing to see a ‘grey white male’ raising the issue of diversity in housing” Sheron Carter, chief executive, Gateway Housing Association

24. Geraldine Howley
Chief Executive, Incommunities Group

According to housing consultant Phil Morgan, formerly of TPAS and the TSA, Geraldine Howley is a “grounded, successful” chief executive who will be an effective advocate for the housing sector when she takes over as Chartered Institute of Housing president this year.

25. Lisa Pickard
Chief Executive, Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association

“A real champion with authenticity galore” is how Lisa Pickard was described by one of those who voted for her. It’s particularly her work spearheading the ‘Real Life Reform programme, a study by eight social landlords into the impact of welfare reform on the ground, that’s won her much admiration across the sector.

26. John Healey MP,
Former housing minister (Non executive director at InCommunities) 

It’s nearly five years since John Healey was housing minister and four and a half years since he handed over the shadow housing brief. But Healey retains a keen interest in all matters housing and it was an article he penned back in 2013 warning that social housing would perish unless its supporters defended it that sparked the launch of the SHOUT campaign.

29. Aileen Evans
Managing Director, Aragon and MacIntyre housing associations

Her associations is part of the Grand Union Housing Group. Evans’ fellow SHOUT campaigner Alison Inman says: “Working with Aileen over the past 12 months has been a joy and a privilege. She converts ideas into action and, as well as being the MD of two housing associations, has been a driving force behind the campaign for genuinely affordable social housing. She is an inspiration.”

37. Angela Lockwood
Chief Executive, North Star Housing Group

Lockwood believes North Star is much more than just a landlord and the organisation has a strong resident and community focus. Its high scores among employees in the Sunday Times Best Companies list show the positive impact of Lockwood’s leadership.

39. Chan Kataria
Chief Executive, East Midlands Housing Group

Chan Kataria recently steered through a group restructure, designed, he said to make the organisation fit for the future in a challenging environment. Last year the group secured £200m in the capital markets to fund a 300-home a year development programme.

45. Julie Fadden
Chief Executive, South Liverpool Housing

Acclaimed for two years running as the best not-for-profit company in the country to work for in the Sunday Times Best Companies list.
“Julie's chutzpah comes from her experience on the frontline. She believes in doing more with less and has turned SLH around” Jon Daley, Regenda

The 14 PlaceShaper CEOs are

1. Tony Stacey – South Yorkshire Housing Association

2. Nick Atkin – Halton Housing Trust

5. Geeta Nanda – Thames Valley Housing Association

6. Steve Stride – Poplar HARCA

8. Geraldine Howley – Incommunities

9. Lisa Pickard – Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association

11. Aileen Evans – Aragon Housing Association

13. Angela Lockwood – North Star Housing Group

14. Chan Kataria – East Midlands Housing

17. Julie Fadden – South Liverpool Homes

22. John Giesen - B3Living

24. Jon Lord - Bolton at Home

25. Chris Handy - Accord

28. Matthew Walker - Leeds Federated Housing


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