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Power Players

Eleven Placeshapers are among this year's housing ‘Power Players’, published annually by sector magazine 24Housing.

PlaceShapers Chair Sinéad Butters, CEO of Aspire Housing, was named the third most influential person in housing. The list was topped by former President of the Chartered Institute of Housing Alison Inman.

On her inclusion in the list, 24Housing magazine stated: “Sinéad has continued to act as a strong voice for the sector, calling for a compassionate approach to everything associations do and ensuring people and place are at the heart of everyone’s thinking.” It also highlighted the We Care campaign  which shows "some of the best work housing associations do each and every day." 

Sinéad said: “It’s fantastic that the work of PlaceShapers and Aspire is seen as a force for change. We strive to make a difference to people and communities here in North Staffordshire and through our PlaceShapers national network, across the country. As ever, it is always about the work of everyone else both PlaceShaper colleagues and Aspire people that should really be recognised.  I just lead both fantastic organisations, and I am lucky to do so.”

The other PlaceShapers included are:

Chan Kataria, CEO emh Group (10)
Nick Atkin, CEO Halton Housing (13)
Kelly Henderson, Business Manager, Gentoo (14)
PlaceShapers’ former vice-chair Angela Lockwood, CEO North Star (17)
Catherine Little, Executive Housing Director Broadland Housing (21)
David Bogle, CEO Hightown Housing (23)
Kate Dodsworth, CEO Gateway Housing (29)
Aileen Evans, CEO Grand Union Housing (38)
Charlie Norman, PlaceShapers Vice Chair, CEO MSV (40)
Barbara Spicer, CEO of Plus Dane (42)

SBHG ahead of We Care

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