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PlaceShapers are Power Players

Four PlaceShapers are among the most influential people in housing, according to the 2012 Power Players survey.

24 housing's top 50 list (click here) was compiled after polling more than 200 of the country's most senior housing chief executives, politicians, commentators, academics, lawyers, and other movers and shakers, as well as frontline managers. It asked them to rank the people they considered to be the most influential in the sector.

PlaceShapers chairman Tony Stacey (pictured), chief executive of South Yorkshire Housing Association, was voted 13th most influential, with respondents citing his work representing community based associations.

Abigail Davies, assistant director of policy and practice at the Chartered Institute of Housing, said Tony was: "At the forefront of showcasing what locally focused providers can do (and should be doing) for their customers and communities."

Tony said: "PlaceShapers increasingly have a place at the housing policy table as policy makers and influencers recognise the importance and unique quality of our work."

Nick Atkin, chief executive of Halton Housing Trust, ranked 22. Lisa Pickard, chief executive of Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association, said: "He is always at the forefront of housing and innovation. He's exceptionally creative and his latest mission to champion better use of social media in housing to engage more effectively with and understand our customers is exceptional."

He said: "I was very surprised and extremely humbled to be featured in the list but proud because this is recognition for the work and impact everyone at the Trust and the wider PlaceShapers movement have collectively achieved. Our listing reflects our positive impact upon the lives of everyone who lives and works in Runcorn and Widnes. It also recognises the significant strides we have made to engage with our customers and key decision makers in a much wider way, especially through harnessing social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter."

John Denny, chief executive of Cosmopolitan Housing Group, is ranked 34. Janet Hale of Pilkington-Hale consultants said he deserved the ranking: "For turning round CDHT and continuing to innovate and looking to wider horizons, for example, the work with Mountains of the Moon University in Uganda, while ensuring excellent services for his own group's customers."

John said: "The commitment of PlaceShapers to innovative services which meet local needs is reflected in the comments of assessors in this list."

Martin Holland, chief executive of Shropshire Housing Group, is ranked 47. Hugo Stephens, partner, Cobbetts LLP, said: "Martin's contribution to rural housing policy and his ability to forge effective partnerships with local authorities and others make him another great leader."

Martin said: "This list reflects the rich diversity of the sector and the PlaceShaper nominations reflect the rich diversity of PlaceShapers. One of our great strengths is our breadth of reach - from associations in the most densely populated cities through to rural communities. What unites us is our commitment to putting our residents at the centre of what we do."

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