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PlaceShapers respond to Labour Housing Policy Review.

The key points made in the response are:

  • We believe that locally tailored solutions are essential to the development of solutions to address the UK's housing crisis.

  • We expect to play a full part, in conjunction with our local authority partners and local communities, in developing solutions for social housing and across all sectors.

  • The country is not building enough homes; the reduction in the Government's target for affordable homes to just 150,000 for this Parliament is a serious mistake. We need to rethink capital funding for social housing, and view it as an investment which produces real returns, and not as a drain on the public purse which can be cut back at difficult times.

  • The ring-fence for Supporting People should be reinstated.

  • We should recognise that communities will not always support the development of new social housing. The voices of homeless people and vulnerable groups need to be heard. On occasions local authorities may need to stand up for the interests of vulnerable people in the face of articulate local opposition.

To read the full submission sent to the Rt.Hon. Caroline Flint MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, please click here.

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